YOUR time has come to stop avoiding what's hard in your business so you can ...

“Finally Feel a Whole Lot Smarter About Running Your Business, Sleep Better at Night and Stop Wasting Money On Things You Don’t Really Need”

It’s 2010 -- the year you open your eyes to the truth of what’s
right in front of you; the year you walk through the fear and
say yes to yourself, your business &
your family
in the greatest way possible. 

If you feel the “yes”, the hell yes! welling up inside
right now … my LIFT Foundation System
is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

Eyes Wide Open
Special Bonus

All purchasers will receive the Money Map spreadsheet tool so you can intentionally build your business model around your lifestyle. Before you ever consider another program, product, course or offering, plot it on your Money Map and determine if it's right for you, will move your business forward and make you money.

People have gladly paid hundreds of dollars for this tool and have experienced life changing results using it. But you won't pay a cent because we're giving it to you for free as part of your investment in the LIFT foundation system.

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Dear Eyes Wide Open Entrepreneur (and those ready to be),

There’s a voice inside of you and it’s been whispering (or possibly even shouting) … “You aren’t paying enough attention to the legal, insurance, financial and tax stuff."

Stop! Before you think, "Ugh, I don’t want to think about these things" and then distract yourself with another something that will keep you from seeing what’s been right in front of you, listen to what I have to say.

I know legal, insurance, financial and tax aren’t “sexy”, but, hey, the foundation of your home isn’t very sexy either. Without it, your home would crumble beneath you. Know what I mean?

So, how do you respond to that voice that might have just told you that you don’t need to think about this stuff?

Do you ignore it? Tell yourself something like “thank you very much, but I’m doing the best I can right now and I’ll get to you when I can”?

Or maybe you beat yourself up about it and tell yourself it’s no wonder your business isn’t getting ahead when you aren’t doing what you know you need to be doing, but you still don’t take any real action to fix it.

Perhaps you say to yourself, “ah, it’s fine. My business is too small to have to worry about legal, insurance, financial and tax stuff.” Or, “I’ve already got that handled.” (But, you know you really don’t have it handled because you don’t even really know what “handled” means.)

Could even be some version of this: “Oh, I should take care of that sometime. I will when I start making more money. Or when I have more time. Or when this big project is finally done.”

And the excuses just keep piling up. (And you convince yourself it’s fine. You’ve got it under control. But inside, that voice knows you really don’t.)

Well, Guess what? You are not alone...

Millions of entrepreneurs feel exactly the same way. We KNOW there are things we need to do to set up our business in the right way, but it’s hard to look at these things and not nearly as much fun as giving our gift in the world (or even marketing our gift), so we avoid it.

I understand. And enough is enough.

If you are building a business without knowing what you really
need to set your Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax stuff up right,
you are doing business in the dark and putting yourself at the
completely avoidable risk of losing it all (or at the very least
seriously stunting the growth of your business).

Click here if you are ready to LIFT your business and don’t need to read another word before saying yes to yourself, your business and your family this year!

I should know. Even though I’m a lawyer and owned my own law firm, I was someone who avoided these issues just a little too long.

For Many Years, I Avoided Doing
What Was Essential For My Business
and It Cost Me Nearly $800,000
and Many Sleepless Nights

Not having my LEGAL stuff set up right, having the wrong INSURANCE in place, messed up FINANCIAL systems and sucky TAX planning cost me nearly $800,000 and more stress, worry and heartache than you can imagine. (Unless of course you’ve already started to experience some of the effects yourself; then, you know what it can be like. But, you still may not know what to do about it.)

In the beginning, when everything first started to happen (I’ll share the whole sordid tale a little later), I thought it was me. I thought “there must be something wrong with me. This stuff simply doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

So I kept my mouth shut and kept it all secret. I dealt with it privately, not wanting to “be negative” or admit how painful it all was. I felt a tremendous amount of shame.

But then, I joined one of those super expensive mastermind programs and began to talk about what I was experiencing. It felt safe to talk about what was really going on behind the scenes in my business with this group.

I talked about the lawsuit, the tax audit, getting taken advantage of, and relationships that had been ruined as a result of all the “little” (but oh not so little) things I had been avoiding.

I was so embarrassed.

Until I heard from each and every person in the room that I was not alone. This kind of stuff happens in business. Our leaders just aren’t talking about it publicly.

And I knew I had uncovered the last taboo of business. A taboo that has kept a whole lot of us doing business in the dark.

It’s Time to Bring the Shadows
of the Business Community
Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

The media (especially new media) is filled with talk about authenticity, truth and transparency.

Great! Then, let’s hear it.

Because here’s the truth …
business isn’t always peaches and
cream, lollipops and sunshine.

But, it doesn’t have to bring you down either. Your willingness to see the shadow and stop avoiding it, even (especially) when it’s hard is all it takes to bring it out into the light and transform it.

So, what does that look like in real life?

Well, that depends what you are keeping in the shadows of your business.

A history of broken relationships? Failed partnerships? Team members that are constantly letting you down and holding you back?

Lawsuits, threatened or actual. Unfiled tax returns. Constant anxiety about a tax audit because your books are messed up and you know you aren’t documenting your business expenses properly.

On the verge of bankruptcy or in massive debt because of poor financial controls? Or maybe you’ve been a victim of financial fraud or a scam.

If any of this is true for you, I’m almost positive you haven’t talked about it publicly because it’s too shameful.

And if none of it has happened yet, I’ll be you are constantly afraid that something is right around the corner waiting to snag you because you know you do not have the right financial, tax, risk management or legal systems in place to avoid disaster. It’s only a matter of time.

I can tell you this. That fear? Even when it’s not front and center, it’s holding you back. How could it not?

How Does NOT Having a LIFT Foundation
Hold You Back In Your Business?

In a minute, I’m going to share with you how you can quickly and easily put a LIFT Foundation in place in your business. But first, let’s look at each of the LIFT elements in turn so you can see some of the ways not having a LIFT Foundation is RIGHT NOW resulting in the subconscious self-sabotage of your business again and again.

Check all the ways having messy financial systems is holding you back right now:

I am risk averse. I am afraid to invest in my business and put my personal assets at risk. I know it’s keeping me playing smaller than I’d like, but I simply cannot risk my personal assets. If you knew you were supported with a solid LIFT foundation, taking risks would feel risky.
My team is not meeting my needs on a consistent basis. Usually this indicates your employment practices are not set up properly due to a hole in your legal foundation – fix that and magic happens with your team.
My business relationships (with affiliates, joint venture partners, vendors, clients, and even partners) are unsatisfying (or non-existent). Here’s the truth, you cannot build your business alone – you need people. And your legal foundation has a direct impact on your ability to work with people in a way that's good for everyone.
I frequently feel as if I am being let down or not getting my needs met by vendors, contractors, coaches or other people I hire to help my business. This is generally the result of lack of clarity. Getting your legal foundation in place brings you clarity. Skeptical? Don’t believe me. Just try it for yourself.
My clients are not respecting my time, paying me enough or not paying me on time. This is pure lack of legal foundation here. Fix your legal foundation and this problem disappears. And, you'll even start commanding much higher fees than you have in the past.
I don’t get the support I need from affiliates and JV partners. This is generally a result of not having a process in place for creating and documenting agreements that inspire action. Legal foundation stuff.
I am in conflict in multiple areas of my business and my life. Maybe friendships and business relationships have already been ruined, perhaps some are on the brink. When you have a legal foundation in your business the drama dissipates substantially.

Check the ways that not having the right insurance protection in your business could be showing up in your business right now:

I tend to sabotage myself right before taking a big risk in my business that could step me up to a new level. If you don’t have the right back-stops to mitigate risk, your ego (the part that protects you from danger) is going to do something to stop you from taking risks. This is what self-sabotage is at its heart. When you know you have the right insurance in place, risk becomes easier to take.
I am in a partnership and am worried about the strength of the partnership. Without insurance in place, there’s a part of you that knows that if anything happened to your partner, the business would be in serious jeopardy. Of course you would feel insecure and worried.
Every month I question whether I really have to be spending the hundreds (or thousands) of dollars I am on the insurance I do have. It’s totally natural to do that when you really don’t know if you can trust the person who sold you the insurance and probably made a nice juicy commission on the sale. Do you really need all that insurance?
I hold myself back from the spotlight. Sure, if you stay under the radar maybe you don’t really need insurance. But come on, how can you make an impact with that kind of thinking? Having the right insurance in place is cheap when it allows you to really shine.

Check all the ways having messy financial systems is holding you back right now:

I am seriously considering my plan B. It’s quite possible your lack of financial systems has led you to build a business that helps a lot of people, but isn’t making the money you need to sustain it or your lifestyle. Getting your financial stuff in order fixes that.
I am working constantly with no end in sight. What’s super cool is when you have financial systems in place, you are able to really know when you need to work and when you don’t need to work. Sure, sometimes you have to work hard, but not all the time. You are probably working too hard because you don’t really know what you need to be doing when. Financial systems are the answer. Really.
I am getting deeper and deeper into debt. Financial systems solve this. With your eyes open.
I buy stuff and then kick myself afterward. Yes, you are looking for the Holy Grail. We’ve all been there. With financial systems in place you know what you need and what you don’t need (and what you can buy just because you want it, even though you don’t need it).
I am not making the investments my business needs in order to grow. Of course you are scared to invest in your business and you probably should be if your financial systems aren’t set up. When your systems are set up, you’ll invest confidently knowing you really are your best investment.
I consistently undervalue my services and I am not commanding the fees I deserve. When you know exactly what it really takes to run your business and your life (and you have your LIFT Foundation in place), you start naturally valuing yourself more, thereby commanding higher fees. It’s the perfect circle.
I frequently feel disorganized and out of balance. Of course you do. If you don’t have your financial systems in place, you are probably running numbers frequently in your head, which keeps you from being present in your life.

Check all the ways not having your tax stuff handled is impacting you at this very moment:

I have this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I’d be in big trouble if the IRS showed up at my door. Yep, I did too. And then I got the letter in the mail. It sucked, big time. And it cost me $50,000 to deal with. You don’t have to dread getting the letter when you’ve got your tax stuff dealt with.
I suspect I am paying more in taxes than I need to be. And you probably are. I was. The year I hit $1,000,000 of revenue, I paid $50,000 MORE in taxes than I had to because I didn’t know. And I recently talked with a gal making only $70,000 per year and yet racking up $10,000 in taxes each year. That only happens to people who don’t know.
I can’t move forward in my business because of potential tax issues looming over my head. 'Nuff said.
I am working really hard and feeling as if I am spinning my wheels, not keeping enough money or making a big enough impact. Once you have your taxes handled correctly, this feeling just disappears.
I blindly sign my tax return each year without knowing if my return was prepared the right way because I don’t really know what to look for. Why is this a problem? Well, let me just say this closed eye way of dealing with my tax returns cost me 6-figures.

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Amber & Joe: A Cautionary Tale

(If You’ve Already Read My LIFT Manifesto,
Click Here to Skip This Story. You have already read it.)

Amber’s husband Joe started a landscaping business with their pastor. They ran it together for a while and everything was great.

Amber and Joe were living the American Dream. She was a stay at home mom. He was running his own business. They had plenty of money. Security. A home.

They had it all. And they thought they were protected.

But ultimately, this is a story about what happens
when you don’t know the right questions to ask.

On the surface, it appeared Amber and Joe had made the right decisions. They had even worked with a lawyer to set up an LLC for their company. They wanted to protect their personal assets if they were sued.

But, it didn’t work out that way. When their partner wanted to finance some equipment for the company, he told Joe not to worry that his personal assets were protected because of the LLC they had in place.

What he didn’t mention is that if the company failed,
Joe would be on the hook personally for the debt.

In 2007, a car accident left their business partner paralyzed.

And that’s when Joe and Amber found out they were stuck with all the debt the company had taken on. Joe had signed a personal guarantee for their bank financing—rendering him personally responsible for $75,000 in business loans. Because the loan was taken out under the business name, Joe simply hadn't understood that his personal assets could be involved.

Joe and Amber ended up going through both a business and personal bankruptcy. Joe now does restaurant/catering work for a local hotel and Amber works for me. It’s not the life either of them imagined.

Had they had a little more knowledge and understanding about how to build a solid LIFT Foundation into their business, they would not be in this position. Sure, maybe the landscaping company still would have gone under due to the economy and the pastor’s accident, but Joe and Amber would have bounced back much more quickly and not had to experience the pain of a bankruptcy.

Now, Let’s Take a Look At What Happens
When You DO Have Your LIFT Foundation In Place"

You've probably heard of one of my business mentors. Her name is Ali Brown.

If you're like many of us, you've watched her transform from freelance copywriter to selling information products to self-made multi-millionaire. She's been open and public about her transformation, allowing us to witness it.

But what you might not realize is just how savvy she is about her business from a business perspective.

Even though Ali will readily admit she almost gave up on her business because she couldn’t figure out Quickbooks, she has always taken the business of her business seriously.

When she recently brought her long-time VA in as a partner in her business, she didn’t do it with a simple hand-shake deal. She did it the RIGHT way.

Ali got her business appraised, hired an attorney, made sure she and Liz had crystal clear clarity about their respective expectations and did it right.

Now, that’s not to say that Ali and Liz won’t ever have any disagreements down the road. Or even that they will remain business partners forever.

But, what it does mean is that if they experience any hiccups in the road along the way, they will remain hiccups and not turn into massive, out of control, roiling earthquakes.

And, you’ve seen what happened to Ali’s business over the past couple of years, right? Inc. 500 list, huge Las Vegas event, Billion dollar mentor, the works. Ali couldn’t have done all that without awareness about her LIFT Foundation. Her subconscious mind would never let her set herself up for that big of a fall.

Neither will yours.

We each have a built-in bullsh*t detector.

If your LIFT Foundation isn’t in place, there’s a part of you calling
bullsh*t on yourself
and it’s keeping you from playing at the level you want.

It knows you can’t afford to put yourself out there too far because your LIFT Foundation isn’t there to keep you safe.

Click here if you are ready to LIFT your business and don’t need to read another word before saying yes to yourself, your business and your family this year!

You Need a LIFT Foundation In Place No Matter
How Big or Small
Your Business Is Right Now"

Whether you want an Inc. 500 business, a modest business that lets you hang out on the computer all day and supports your fairly simple lifestyle, or a bricks and mortar business that establishes you as a respected member of your community, you need a LIFT Foundation without holes in it.

Regardless of where you want your business to go, your growth will be stunted if there are holes in your LIFT Foundation. And if it’s not stunted, you could be setting yourself up for a big fall.

I’m not saying that having a LIFT Foundation means you’ll build a business like Ali’s, nor that you even want to.

You may prefer a simple structure in which your business hums along with just you and an assistant and a couple of freelancers who jump in on an as-needed basis.

With one exception I’ll talk about a bit later, no matter how big or small your business, you still need a LIFT Foundation. Let’s take a look at what that means in practical terms:

Are You Just Starting Out Or Wanting to
Keep Things Relatively Simple?

My LIFT Foundation will identify exactly what you can
do yourself
for no or little investment and
what you do and don’t really
to have in place.

For example:

  • You’ll learn exactly how to document your agreements so you don’t need to hire a lawyer.
  • You’ll know exactly what insurance you really do need and what you don’t need (why watch your hard-earned revenue go to expensive and unnecessary insurance commissions).
  • You’ll find out exactly how to set up your books so that you’ll want to look because what you see will be so exciting.
  • You’ll see how small shifts in the way you’ve got things set up and working will save you money on your taxes and allow you to improve your lifestyle, right now. (Why should your money go to the government when it can go to you enjoying your life, legally?!)

That’s just a small sample of the many ways you will save
(and even make) money with my LIFT Foundation System.

I totally get that you could be struggling with this. It feels like you already have so much to do and this is just another thing.

I understand. I really do. But, here’s the rub; if you don’t prioritize your LIFT Foundation, you could end up with a problem that is much more expensive and time-consuming to deal with down the road.

And then, it won’t be a matter of choice.

It’s like my grandma and her feet. She’s known that they were not good for years, but she didn’t want to deal with it. She didn’t have time. She didn’t want to spend the money. It was easier not to think about it ever becoming a real problem.

Well now, her feet are so bad that she has no choice but to deal with them and it’s far more painful and costly than it would have been if she had just gotten regular pedicures years ago when she “didn’t have the time”.

Click here if you are ready to LIFT your business and don’t need to read another word before saying yes to yourself, your business and your family this year!

If you truly don’t have the time, it may be something you need to delegate.

Or Perhaps You Are a Multi-Passionate Empire
Builder With Tons of Ideas and Big Vision?"

Now, it’s of course a bit different for entrepreneurs like us. Empire Builders. Even if you are not making a lot of money right now, you could still be an Empire Builder.

You probably are if you plan to have lots of revenue streams, love to be a visionary, and want to impact in a massive way.

Empires are not built overnight and they definitely
cannot be built without a solid LIFT Foundation in place.

An empire built on a shaky foundation is far worse than having no empire at all. Trust me, I know.

My million dollar law firm was built on a very shaky LIFT Foundation and it cost me nearly $800,000 and left me with $250,000 of debt to deal with after the foundation crumbled.

Fortunately, I’m a quick study and what I learned from that collapse taught me everything I needed to know about how never to let that happen again.

And my subsequent businesses have benefitted.

Through it all, I learned the most important lesson for any empire builder – I cannot do it all myself. I need help! A lot of it.

And needing a lot of help means investing a lot of money and being at a lot of risk of being taken for a ride by someone who just wants my money and is steering me wrong. (Believe me, I’ve been taken several times by “consultants” or advisors who heard I had a 7-figure business and wanted to get their hands of some of it.)

My LIFT Foundation System is about showing you how
to do business with your eyes wide open so you never get taken.

Because I didn’t know what to look for, I got taken advantage of A LOT before I built my LIFT Foundation System into my business.

My LIFT Foundation System clearly lays out for you
what I invested 100s of thousands of dollars
& a whole lot of emotional pain to learn

If you're an empire builder, the most important thing you'll gain from the LIFT Foundation System is how to build your LIFT team with the least cost and highest return on results.

It’s far too easy to get taken when you don’t know what you need and you are being educated by people who get paid a lot of money to persuade you that you want what they have.

My LIFT Foundation System breaks it down for you. Who you need, why you need them and what they should be doing. Not just from a lawyer’s perspective, but from your perspective. I’m an entrepreneur, just like you.

You Need Someone to Handle It For You,
But First You Have to Know What It Is, What You
Really Need and What You Don’t.

When you are crystal clear on that, you can take empowered action rather than living in (and operating your business from) a place of re-action.

Over the last several weeks, I’ve talked with a number of entrepreneurs who have said to me “I just want someone else to take care of it for me; I don’t want to learn it myself.” And while I totally get that, I can also tell you (and them) that they are setting themselves up for failure. Trust me; avoiding what’s hard is NOT the answer.

Every single time I have delegated without knowing anything about what I was delegating, what to expect and what success looked like, it cost me time, money and frustration.

Now, I delegate from a place of clarity, and it works out every time or I know very quickly it’s not going to and I don’t waste time, money and resources trying to make it work.

With a LIFT team in place (which can begin with one virtual person who can get your LIFT Foundation set up and maintained for you remotely after they go through the LIFT Foundation System), you’ll finally …

  • know with complete confidence that everything is being taken care of for you,
  • never have to worry about whether your legal, insurance, financial and tax are being handled properly,
  • be sure that you are not spending a penny more than you have to for the help you need to get everything set up for you, and
  • and you’ll even see how having a LIFT team will actually make you more money (this information is one of the key reasons why the rich just keep getting richer!).

Listen, I don’t think I need to say anything else, do I?

We both know you need to shore up your LIFT Foundation and you need my help to do it.

Click here if you are ready to LIFT your business and don’t need to read another word before saying yes to yourself, your business and your family this year!

Oh wait, I did promise you that I’d tell you the one exception.

There Is One Type of Business Owner Who
Does NOT Need My LIFT Foundation System

If you have started a business so you can be designated as an Independent Contractor for tax purposes, but in all reality you are really working for one client or business, you really do not need my LIFT Foundation System.

Now, not to say that you don’t need any legal, insurance, financial or tax goodness in your business. You do.

  • You will need a legal entity, but you really can do it on your own. And you’ll need an agreement with your one client, but it can be something simple you create on your own and have a lawyer look at for you afterward.
  • You may or may not need insurance depending on the client you are working for and what you are doing.
  • You can do your own bookkeeping (keep your time, send an invoice, deposit check).
  • And, you can probably even do your own taxes (don’t forget that as an independent contractor you get a 1099 and pay your own taxes!)

But, that’s about it.

If you bring on just one person to work under you though. Or you begin to do work for multiple businesses or clients. You’ve crossed the line and you need my LIFT Foundation.

Okay, does that help?

Just to be clear – true solos with no team and one primary client – you do not need my LIFT Foundation.

But, all the rest of ya?

New entrepreneurs just starting out and figuring out how to do this business thing or seasoned empire builders with multiple revenue streams and businesses already set up, you need my LIFT Foundation System to make sure you are not making mistakes because of what you don’t know.

You need to learn what to do so you can do it yourself OR know what you need so you can have the right support people do it for you

Here’s how I’m going to help you no matter which end of the spectrum you are on.

Click here if you are ready to LIFT your business and don’t need to read another word before saying yes to yourself, your business and your family this year!

When you invest in my LIFT Foundation System:

  • You are going to finally have the certainty and clarity about what you need to get your business set up the right way, once and for all (knowing what you need is always the first step).
  • You will have a roadmap for getting what you must have in place for your business and your life and how YOU really want to show up in the world.
  • You will naturally begin to hold yourself out with more confidence.
  • You will make decisions more easily and with confidence.
  • You will know when say yes and when to say no from empowered awareness and not fear. You’ll never have to make decisions from fear again.
  • You’ll very likely even raise your fees (with your LIFT Foundation in place you are going to be far more confident about your business and that translates into higher fees).
  • Your spouse or partner will feel more secure about your business (wouldn’t it be great to have your family support you in your business? Well, when you step up and start taking care of the business of your business, watch how they take you more seriously and start supporting you too).
  • And you will be able to sleep better at night.

Sure, you may still be worried about things in your business and life now and then, but you’ll have somewhere to turn when that happens so you don’t feel so darn alone.

Click here if you are ready to LIFT your business and don’t need to read another word before saying yes to yourself, your business and your family this year!

Now, let's look at it another way ...
What's it going to cost even the smallest business owner
to NOT have a LIFT Foundation in place?

1. Having the wrong business entity. I’ve seen this one happen a lot! It could cost you $3k-$5k in unnecessary taxes each year. Then the cost to change your entity after the fact could cost you upwards of $3,000. Doing it right from the beginning saves you $10,000 minimum. (I was just talking to a gal who makes $70,000 a year and owes $10,000 of that a year in taxes – that's what happens when your entity isn't set up correctly and you aren't getting the right guidance from your CPA.)
2. Getting stuck with a lawsuit. (I don't have to tell you how expensive THAT could get…EVEN if you win)
3. Buying the wrong type of insurance and paying too much – easily costs you $1000 or more every year. On the flip side, not having enough of the right insurance would cost you thousands or even tens of thousands if something happens (it did me).
4. Not characterizing employees properly could lead to you being stuck with back taxes that your independent contractors should have paid, but didn't.
5. Not having your books set up the right way could mean you end up building a business that makes good money, but leaves you with no life OR allows you to serve in a great way, but leaves you realizing you didn’t set your business up to actually make a profit. (Yes this is more common than you think.)
6. No agreements in place – leads to expensive conflicts that ruin relationships.
7. No branding protection – leads to people stealing your ideas and what you've worked so hard to build OR you end up having to stop doing what you've invested time and energy to build because you’ve infringed on someone else’s brand.

You get the point, right? And this doesn’t even take into account the cost of not taking yourself seriously and not being taken seriously by the people around you.

Not having a LIFT Foundation in your business is undermining everything you are working so hard to build.

Lisa Sasevich "What a blessing, to find a trained lawyer, an killer business strategist and a successful online and offline marketer all rolled into one beautiful and authentic person! Alexis, thank you for bringing your unique and powerful skills and clear insights into my life. I thank my lucky starts I got access to you before the TV Networks sweep you away!"

Lisa Sasevich, "Queen of Sales Conversion",

Kendall Summerhawk "I owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to Alexis for helping me create and launch a 6-figure program this year. I had been struggling with how to design it and the right way to get the message about it out to people. In no time at all, she showed me exactly what to do. She and Dave are truly brilliant at helping entrepreneurs design high income businesses, without giving up their heart or values -- I love that!"

Kendall SummerHawk,
Million Dollar Marketing Coach,

Click here if you are ready to LIFT your business and don’t need to read another word before saying yes to yourself, your business and your family this year!

Okay Alexis, So What Do I Receive
When I Get Your LIFT Foundation System?

I have assembled a system like no other -- yes, it includes videos, audios, transcripts and all that informational stuff; but you MUST NOT prejudge this system just based on that.

This is actually a complete LIFT "TOOL KIT"... with real tools you will use to build a LIFT foundation in your business.

Actually, this is such a unique product it is hard to describe, but I'm going to take my very best shot.

There are 4 main success "components" in my LIFT Foundation System & Toolkit -- let me walk you through each of them:

1. Get In the Know: You’ll Finally Feel Smart About Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax For YOUR Business. I’ve Simplified It Down Into Less Than 5 Hours And Just What You Need to Know.

I invested more than 80 hours of my personal time reading, studying and talking to other professionals plus hundreds of hours of on the job training and trial and error building two of my own 7-figure businesses to learn what I’ve distilled down for you here to less than 5 hours of only what you need to know.

No matter how you like to learn, I’ve created a format for you:

  • Five Eye-Opening Videos: On these videos I share with you exactly what you need to know (nothing more or less) about what you really need to establish and maintain the LIFT Foundation you require for YOUR business. One video for each of the Insurance, Financial and Tax modules and two videos for the Legal Module because there’s so much more than just setting up a business entity.
  • Five mp3 Digital Audio Recordings: Prefer to learn why you work out at the gym, drive or go for a run? Take the audio recordings of each lesson with you on your iPod or in your car. And they are totally G-rated in case you want to listen to them with your kids in the car.
  • Digital Transcripts: I read a whole lot faster than I can watch or listen, so I am also providing digital transcripts that you can dive into if you are a speed reader too. Scan each page and find the content that applies specifically to you, highlight, write in the margins and you’ve got a clear action plan.
  • Checklists, Templates and Forms: I’ve also included checklists, templates and forms you’ll need to get your LIFT Foundation System set up. For example, you’ll receive:

    • Checklists to go through before working with a bookkeeper, hiring a CFO, hiring a lawyer, buying insurance, hiring and firing team members and more.
    • My foolproof system for writing your own legal agreements without a lawyer.
    • Resources to set up your employment practices the right away, including creating applications, writing your employment manuals, what agreements you need for independent contractors and more.
    • Checklists and resources to set up and maintain your business entity and your brand so you can sleep at night knowing you're fully protected and what you are working so hard to build will never be lost.
    • Forms to use before bringing on any team members.
    • Specifics details on how to cut your taxes to less than 10%.
    • And so much more

2.Get it Done: Your Own LIFT Personal Records Binder to organize and store all of your legal, insurance, financial and tax stuff

Once you are in the know, you are going to be ready to get it done as quickly as possible. To make it easy as possible (and even something you even look forward to), I’ve created a super cool way to make that happen.

By mail, you are going to receive your own LIFT Personal Records Binder. When it comes, you are going to want to dive right into it and start filling it up with all of your own business goodness.

This binder is no mere organizational tool though. Your LIFT Personal Records Binder is an implementation and educational tool as well.

After you’ve filled your LIFT Personal Records Binder with everything you do have, you’ll literally open your eyes to the holes in your LIFT Foundation and SEE exactly what you need to fix.

For instance, let’s look at the Legal section. The Legal section has tabs for your articles of organization, your annual meeting minutes, your operating agreement or bylaws and 7 other important sets of documents.

After organizing everything you do have, you’ll be able to easily SEE where the holes are in your LIFT Foundation by what’s missing behind each tab.

Yes, it’s really that simple!

3. Get it Reviewed: Whether You Are a Do It Yourselfer or a Delegator, You Are Going to Want Your Business Looked At By a Few LIFT Professionals.

Included with your LIFT Foundation System are over $3,000 worth of professional services.

  • $1250 LIFT Foundation Audit By a Creative Business Lawyer™: Creative Business Lawyers™ understand the unique needs of entrepreneurial business owners like you. This LIFT Foundation Audit will review what you’ve got and strategize a plan for filling in any remaining holes you didn’t get handled.
  • $1,000 of Personal Legal Planning With a Personal Family Lawyer®: Don’t have your personal affairs in order? As a business owner, you have a responsibility to make sure your business could keep going, your clients would be served and your family wouldn’t be left with a huge, expensive, time-consuming painful mess if something happened to you. With your investment in the LIFT Foundation System, you will not only receive a certificate for a no-charge Family Wealth Planning Session (normally $750), but also a certificate for $250 off a comprehensive plan with your neighborhood Personal Family Lawyer® (where applicable).
  • $1000 LIFT Financial Consult With a Virtual Chief Financial Officer: Unsure of the financial model for your business? Want your chart of accounts looked at by someone who really understands these things? Need to know if your bookkeeper is on the ball? No worries because our LIFT Foundation Chief Financial Officers will spend up to two hours reviewing your business objectives, your financial model, your chart of accounts and give you great advice that will change the way you think about the numbers of your business. After this meeting, you’ll understand the story behind your numbers, so you'll feel more in control of your money situation.

4. Keep Your Eyes Wide Open! Two Months of Membership in my Eyes Wide Open Membership Program

The Eyes Wide Open Membership Program will be the place to be for the eyes wide open entrepreneur. It’s quite different than any coaching program you’ve been part of before because it’s NOT about the latest marketing program or social media tool or even necessarily how to DO anything. It’s about how you show up in your business.

This is a program about HOW TO BE the kind of business owner you really want to be.

There aren’t too many places you get to talk about what it’s really like. Reveal the challenges you are experiencing, hear your role models reveal their most painful moments (the things they swore they’d never talk about) and gain incredible coaching around how you can respond to injuries, recover from challenges, and begin to discover how to trust yourself to make the right decisions.

Here’s what the Eyes Wide Open Membership Program includes:

  • Monthly Eyes Wide Open Audio Interview: Each month, I will interview a business role model you’ve seen out there over the years. But instead of talking about how they market or serve clients in their business, we’re going behind the scenes to hear about an experience they had when they were not doing business with their eyes wide open and what happened, how they handled it and what they could have and would have done differently if they had their eyes open. These calls will empower you to know you are not alone no matter what challenges you are experiencing in your business. Online digital mp3 recordings of each call will be available for your personal learning library archive. You can burn a CD and listen in your car or download it to your iPod to listen while working out.
  • Private E-Mail List For Eyes Wide Open Entrepreneurs Only: This is the place you can come between coaching calls to share what's coming up for you. Maybe a client stops paying you or wants out of an agreement. Maybe a competitor has done something sleazy. Or maybe you're afraid you may have been or are about to be taken. This ALONE is worth triple your investment in the entire LIFT Foundation System. After all, where else can you talk about these things?

With the LIFT System & Toolkit, You'll Have Everything You Need to Get Your LIFT Foundation In Place or Repaired As Quickly, Easily and Inexpensively As Possible.

Click here if you are ready to LIFT your business and don’t need to read another word before saying yes to yourself, your business and your family this year!

Plus, you’ll also receive these 4 Get It Done in Depth bonuses:

BONUS #1: Recorded Interviews With 19 of My Personal Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax Advisors.

If there is anything you want to delve more deeply into after going through each of the modules of the LIFT Foundation System, such as advanced asset protection, disability insurance, or anything else that I covered with my 19 LIFT experts, you can select the specific topic that applies to you and hear my behind the scenes interview.

BONUS #2: You Get to Check Out MY Personal & Business Tax Returns

If you are the curious sort, you’ll love this bonus. I got real transparent here when I recorded a webinar for you with me and a tax guy walking through my private income tax returns (both personal and business) so you will know exactly what to look at on your tax returns before you sign them!

BONUS #3:  FTC Webinar With Kevin Houchin and Michele DeKinder Smith of and Inside Scoop FTC Teleseminar For Lawyers by Lawyers

You’ve likely heard about the recent FTC change regarding the use of testimonials. But, what you might not know is how it really affects you. I’m giving you two resources that will let you know exactly what you can and can’t do regarding the use of testimonials. The first is a webinar with Creative Business Lawyer ™ Kevin Houchin and Michele DeKinder Smith of They discussed how you can back up your testimonials with the proof you need to use them without worry. I’m also giving you a teleseminar I recorded for lawyers about the FTC Guidelines and what lawyers need to know about them to best advise their clients. This is a great “behind the scenes” resource for you and after listening to it you’ll know more about these guidelines than most lawyers do!

BONUS #4:  My Personal Million Dollar LIFT Rolodex:

I’ve spent the past 6 years making some very expensive mistakes. Most of those mistakes had to do with hiring the wrong person and losing my money as a result. I’ve also had the good fortune of meeting many, many people who have helped me build the businesses I have today. I give you the down low on who to use for what when you are building your LIFT Team and other areas of your business in my million dollar rolodex. (Priceless)

Click here if you are ready to LIFT your business and don’t need to read another word before saying yes to yourself, your business and your family this year!

But, Wait! There’s More …. (yes, I really did just say that
because there is and it’s really good)"

IMPLEMENTATION BONUS #1 –Ongoing Personal Support From Me & the Trusted Advisors I’ll Invite to Answer Your Questions

As a charter member of the LIFT Foundation System you’ll enjoy LIFETIME ACCESS to the LIFT Forum where my trusted advisors and I will answer your individual questions as they come up. (By the way, this forum could become quite the place for networking with entrepreneurs who are really serious about their business and you will want to do business and joint venture with – this alone could pay for your investment 10 times over).

IMPLEMENTATION BONUS #2– 15 Template Legal Agreements You Must Have If You Are Doing Business In the New Economy

Check out these agreements you receive as a charter LIFT member:

  • Professional Services Agreement (to use with Clients)
  • Independent Contractor Agreement (to use with Independent Contractors)
  • Employment Agreement (to use with Employees)
  • Affiliate Agreement (to use with your affiliates)
  • Content Creation Agreement (to use with web designer, copywriters and other creative vendors)
  • Interview Release Agreement (to use anytime you do an interview you want to share)
  • Testimonial Release Agreement (to use anytime you get a testimonial you want to share)
  • Filming Release Agreement (to use at events when you want to record it and resale/use for promotional purposes)
  • Non-Compete Agreement (to use with anyone working with you that you don’t want going off and competing with you)
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (to use anytime you share proprietary information)
  • Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (to use anytime you share proprietary information)
  • Joint Venture Agreement (to use whenever you do a JV with someone)
  • Intellectual Property Transfer Agreement (to use to transfer your intellectual property to a buyer after a sale of your intellectual property)
  • Web Site Privacy Policy With No Data Sharing/Selling Rights (for your website)
  • Web Site Privacy Policy With Data Sharing/Selling Rights (for your website)
  • Web Site Terms of Use (for your website)

If you were to have these legal agreements drafted by an attorney custom for you, you'd pay a minimum of $5,000.

These legal agreements will save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees if you really do like to do it yourself. If you don’t like to do it yourself and have your own lawyer already, give her or him these agreements as a starting place for the legal work associated with your business and that will save you beaucoup bucks on billings from your personal lawyer.

IMPLEMENTATION BONUS #3 – Implementation Strategy Maps Developed By the Systems Guys at Cashmap®)

You will receive a set of 16 individual LIFT Cashmaps that detail out step by step everything you need to do to implement each and every part of the LIFT system.

You can either turn your set of Cashmaps over to one of your team members and have the confidence of knowing your LIFT Foundation is getting set up right without a single step overlooked OR you can use them yourself so you know exactly what to do step by step after you’ve gone through the LIFT Foundation System and identified which of the specific pieces of your LIFT Foundation you need to work on first. (These Cashmaps will retail for $997 separately.)

Click here if you are ready to LIFT your business and don’t need to read another word before saying yes to yourself, your business and your family this year!

"This Sounds Fantastic! So, What's My Investment?"

By now you must realize I have done the seeming impossible.

You are actually looking forward to getting your LIFT Foundation in place in your business, aren’t you?

(Okay, well maybe you aren't looking forward to doing it, but you know it must be done and you'll feel empowered and serious about your business after it is.)

When I created this program, I committed to myself to make it super affordable for you. And to price it so that it would be part of every real deal serious eyes wide open entrepreneur’s success library.

To do that, I had to really evaluate the worth of this program. Let’s look at some of the benchmarks:

  • Should I base it on a fraction of what it would cost you to get me to come do a LIFT Foundation Audit for you? I’m not taking on any new private clients these days, but if I was, you’d have to pay me at least $15,000 for the day to get me to do it.
  • Or maybe I should base it on what it would cost you to replicate the information and services. The total value of the legal and financial services alone exceeds $3,000.
  • And let’s look at what it would cost you to deal with even one problem arising out of a hole in your LIFT Foundation. The way I see it, that’s a minimum of $10,000. That’s what I had to pay to retain the lawyer to deal with the employee lawsuit I got stuck with. And that’s just one problem.
  • Perhaps I should have based it on what it will save you if you do just one thing yourself right that you don’t have to have fixed by a lawyer later on down the line. That’s a minimum of $2,500. Setting up the wrong entity will cost you at least that in transaction costs and taxes and very likely a whole lot more. And what’s great about this is that when I save you the money once, it’s money that’s saved again and again, year after year. It’s like your own continuity revenue stream in terms of money saved.

When I looked at all of this, I decided $5,000 would be the right price for a complete system and toolkit that allows you to audit your own business’ LIFT Foundation (or have one of your team members do it), determine where your holes are, and know exactly how to fill those holes as inexpensively, quickly and easily as possible.

But, as one of the first 100 charter members of my complete LIFT Foundation System, you will not need to pay even close to that.

This special charter member pricing is truly limited to only the first 100 of you to say yes. (For the first time ever, I have invested in inventory for this product so I could keep the printing costs down as low as possible on your LIFT Personal Records Binder and I’ve only ordered 100. Well, actually, I ordered 117 so I could have a few to give as gifts, a couple for my team; you know that kind of thing.)

So, that’s it. Once these 100 are gone, that’s all there is. Yes, I’m going to order more, but you won’t be able to get your hands on one of my LIFT Foundation Systems this affordably.

Plus, because I think it’s SO important for you to have your LIFT Foundation in place once and for all, I'm even going to let you make EASY MONTHLY PAYMENTS to help get this into your hands! (See below for details.)

After using my LIFT Foundation System you will not only know that there are no big, expensive unseen surprises lurking in the shadows of your business, but you are going to be blown away by how your business begins growing - more clients, more revenue, more joint ventures – which translates into MORE DOLLARS in your bank.

"It’s got EVERYTHING you need to finally be a real deal
serious eyes wide open entrepreneur."

By now I hope you can see I have truly poured everything I have into making legal, insurance, financial and tax systems accessible to you in an inspiring and mistake-proof, step-by-step format.

There is really NOTHING else out there like my LIFT Foundation System!

And you can get my deluxe LIFT Foundation System & Toolkit for only $1,997 or three easy payments of only $797.

But Alexis, What if That Is Still Out of Reach For Me?

I am seriously committed to making it possible for every business owner to build their business with a strong LIFT Foundation because I know what it cost me to go without a LIFT Foundation in my first business.

So, if the investment in the complete LIFT Foundation System and Toolkit is really out of reach for you (even with the payment options), I have another option for you.

You can receive all the benefits of the LIFT Foundation System and Toolkit (including everything listed above) without the LIFT Personal Records Binder and without the 3 LIFT Implementation program bonuses (lifetime access to the LIFT Forum, the 16 template legal agreements and the 16 implementation strategy maps) for only $997 or three easy payments of only $397.

Alexis, I Don’t Want Less! I Want More.
I Want YOU to Work Directly With Me on My LIFT Foundation

I no longer work with private clients on legal, insurance, financial and tax matters. But, I know there are a few of you who will want my personal guidance and strategy on your LIFT Foundation.

So, I’ve set aside a few hours of my time for those of you who want (and can afford) to work privately with me.

For only $3,997 or three easy payments of $1,597 you receive the complete LIFT Foundation System and Toolkit plus a 45-minute strategy session with me during which I will review the LIFT Foundation you have in your business and tell you exactly what you need to do next to get a solid LIFT Foundation in place as quickly, easily and inexpensively as possible.

But if you're still uncertain, I understand. After all, I’m making a lot of big claims here about you finally doing what you’ve been putting off for so long. So, I’m putting my money where my mouth is, by offering...

Personal Guarantee

As you can see, I'm putting my money on the line to help you. I am THAT certain this system is EXACTLY what you need right now in your business.

Michele PW "Have a LIFT foundation in my business was one of the main reasons why my business grew from $50k a year to multiple 6-figures. The best part of working with Alexis is how she presents this information. Look, I get it. This isn't what I want to be spending hours on either in my business. But Alexis makes it so easy -- she comes at it not as an attorney but as a fellow entrepreneur and coach. I could feel how much she cared as I went through the program and how it really wasn't as difficult or scary as I was making it out to be. It's an absolutely required product in every entrepreneur's success library.

Michele Pariza Wacek

If This Still Feels Out of Reach For You ...

Listen, I understand. I've been there. Knowing I needed something for my business, but feeling as if I couldn't afford it. Shoot, I still experience that and I have built two 7-figure businesses over the past 5 years.

Here's what I can tell you. Things really shifted for me in a big way when I was able to get beyond the financial fear that had been holding me back for so long and find the resources I needed to grow my business.

You need this. It's exactly the step you need to take to finally breakthrough wherever you are right now and start taking yourself and your business seriously so that everyone else will as well.

So here's what I do when I get the "I can't afford this" feeling and it's something I know I really do need for my business.Instead of saying “I can’t afford this," I ask myself two questions:

  • “What will it cost me if I don’t have this?”
  • "How can I afford it?"

And then, I make the decision that I know is right for the growth of my business. Not from where I am right now, but from where I will be after I take that right action.

Time and time again this has allowed me to stretch and grow in ways that I never could have imagined.

Now it's time for you to take action and experience the growth we both know is possible for you. It starts here with investing in yourself and building the right foundation into your business.

Order the LIFT Foundation System now.

With Love and Light,

Alexis Martin Neely

PS - Remember, this charter membership pricing is only available to the first 100 of you to say yes to having a solid LIFT Foundation in your business. The real reason you should invest in the LIFT Foundation System & Toolkit right now is not just for the special charter member pricing, but because you know it's what you need to take your business where you want it to go. So order now and I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Click Here to Order Your LIFT Foundation System & Toolkit Now

Note to My International Friends:

"But what if I’m not in the United States?
Does all of this still apply to me"

I get this question all the time from my Canadian and Across-the-Pond friends. And the answer is a resounding YES-SIREE-Bob!

What my LIFT Foundation System does is guide you to establish a solid foundation for your business. This foundation is the same no matter where you live in the world. When you finish going through my LIFT Foundation System, you're going to understand exactly what it looks like to have a real-deal eyes-wide-open business, exactly where the holes are in your foundation and exactly what you need to do to fill them.

Now, just to be exceedingly clear, there is one thing that won't be directly applicable to you and that is that you may have different legal entities to choose from if you are outside the US. But, my LIFT Foundation System will guide you to ask the right questions before choosing from the options you do have available wherever you are. The decision-making process is the same no matter where you live.

Christiane Holbrook As the person responsible for the completion of the LIFT product ...,
I have had months of upfront and personal experience with this powerful material. Even though I had been in business for many, many years, the legal and financial element of running my company had often felt intimidating to me. Even when I knew what to do, I didn’t know how to get started or who to work with. From the moment I read over the transcripts for the first time, I start implementing Alexis’ wise advise. Today, some months later, I have a business that stands on a solid foundation and I have a newly found deep sense of peace because I can see exactly where my business is going and I've got the resources to lead it fearlessly. Thank you Alexis for shedding light into the dark corners of MY business.

Christiane Holbrook, CEO and Launch Strategist,

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